surprise me daddy...

"Sometimes I swear
I can hear my past thundering toward me like a herd of elephants
I cover my ears and look the other way but it still wants to come up
Like rotten milk"

Been thinking a lot lately...
usually around this time of the year I do.
About him at least.
Because he has given me so little.
I love him anyway.
I learn more about myself
the things I can handle alone.
And because of those things
I thank him.

Lesson Plan
Where are you going,
where have you gone,
why can't you stay longer
than what you have already done.
Heart won't stop beating
for any possibility.
Heart finding time to pause
working on what we could one day be.
You make the heart stronger
the distance goes.
Everyday giving thanks to God
for being able to love
what I do not know.
I'm a believer and a lover
and I will be throughout the turning of the days.
Until you too,
love me,
I will send you kisses daddy
through the sun rays.
I thank you for what you've taught me,
that the world is a war zone.
People will lie to you
give you empty promises
regardless if you call them home.
People will tell you that they love you
words won't mean shit.
Making music to your actions
but when you're hardest hit
don't quit.
You've taught me how to guard myself
sometimes love can hurt.
It isn't until you experience pain
that you understand
what it's worth.
You taught me how to rise up
when people tear you down.
Still wear a smile
though deep inside the let downs;
you've lost count.
You taught me what to look for,
in the person I want to marry.
Everything that you aren't;
I thank you for the load I have to bury.
~justitia omnibus

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