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A strong foundation begins with laying aside the weight.

I spent so many years living life in silence, struggling with my body image, feeling like what I did was never enough and it created this thought process that I always had to go it alone (Thank God for being a comforter). When I penned my book Smeared Eyeliner and Faded Lipstick I took the concept of hiding behind my emotions as me wearing makeup and made that book my "coming out"; the removing of the makeup that held me captive for so long. 

#nomakeup: The movement is my way of empowering women and girls with the educational tools to increase self-esteem and encourage healthy relationships. To stop living life behind this metaphorical makeup that causes us to be fake with our emotions, our relationships, our friendships and start getting real with ourselves and our circle. Having the confidence to say no to drama, say no to body image issues, say no to settling, say no to being influenced by the media, say no to allowing others to shape our lives for us and to say no to the traps of the enemy. But to start taking hold of who we are created to be, what we are created to do, being honest about our STORY (#nomakeup) and to begin walking in our purpose, on purpose, with our heads held high! 
I want to encourage women to stop carrying the load (#noweight), stop feeling like you have to "fake it til you make it" and START making it because God made you talented, beautiful, and full of purpose (#Godsaid). 
God created you to be amazing, do the outstanding, and go places your mind could never imagine! 

Are you ready for the journey because I'm prepared for the ride!
Be the YOU you think only exists in your dreams! 

Hebrews 12:1 
Lay Aside The Weight

For speaking/booking inquiries contact: info at removethemakeup {dot} com


Ebony Nesbit said...

Awesome Intro.... Let's go!

W. Paul Butler said...

I am a Pastor and am elated to hear about what you are doing. I pray that many more women will be encouraged to stand for God, with God and encourage others to be filled by God to do the same.

Pastor B

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