Press On

Press On

What type of heels are you walking in on your journey towards overcoming?

May 2013 I prayed and asked God to help me reach women. God said ask them to share their stories, I laughed, but God. Those things God calls us to do that we think are CRAZY He already knows the outcome. There is a message in the mess. I am a firm believer in transparency as a means to encourage people. Someone is sitting somewhere thinking that no one understands what they are going through (like I was). Or that there isn't anyone they can talk to who could offer them advice or pray them through this season of their life but YOUR story could change a perspective, empower, uplift, and encourage someone to keep pressing towards their purpose.

16 women shared their stories ranging from divorce, taking care of a parent, premature labor, being angry with the church, using people to fill their voids, battling spiritual warfare, overcoming adultery, losing a child, using alcohol to silence their pain, changing their plans, losing a fiance, enduring the difficult job market and losing a parent. They felt unworthy, embarrassed, confused, empty, abandoned, bombarded, overwhelmed and ashamed. But God encouraged them in their most difficult seasons and equip them with the will power to continue to PRESS ON.

Those heels that you are walking in aren't worn down honey! They are being sharpened by this journey to walk all over those thoughts, plots, plans or ideas the enemy has created for you as your faith causes them to be cast down to the pits of hell where they belong. You are a conqueror! Your are a warrior! You are amazing! You are beautiful! You are an overcomer! You are a world changer! Be motivated by the truth that seasons change. This is only temporary. Don't get discouraged. We are all walking through something; you are never alone.

If God has walked you through a tough season, brought you to a place where you can look back and see how He was GROWING you in that season, and you want to share your story with the #nomakeup community email me: mystory at removethemakeup {dot} com

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