30 Layers 30 Days: Writing Challenge

Hey guys! 

If you haven't noticed I've been having an issue with writing. I don't know, I hit this weird wall that wasn't writers block but more of a writers-overthinking-paralysis. I've felt really paralyzed by not knowing what to write, how to write it, in addition to working on a book that feels like it will never be released because #writingparalysis. It's been frustrating year with pen and pad, keyboard keys and laptop for me. 

I would start journaling and then stop. Start back and then try to suppress my desire to open the notebook to write something because... I'm sure this is probably considered writers depression. After a trip to California (I've been traveling a lot this year you guys! God is amazing) for work with my hubby I came back with so much spunk. It was such a powerful experience just being around other entrepreneurs who are young grinders and that was just what I needed to shake this funk. 

I didn't have a clear segue into blogging again. Just pop back up in your inbox without any transparency of what's been going on isn't my style. When you write for so long and everything is so organic and then technology and content creating happens, making the organic become strategic, it was difficult for me to flow with the change of blogging and how people are reached by encouragement and empowering stories. This quite possibly makes me slightly elderly in my thought process but I'm working through opening my mind and gift. Working on finding a balance between bringing an updated version of my initial vision for this blog and the one I never imagined it to be. 

To help me shed some of the writers stink I've been rolling around in, I decided to do a writing challenge and what better challenge to do than the 30 Layers 30 Days challenge. It's a challenge with prompts to encourage writers to just write what they feel from the title of the prompt. There aren't any boxes; It's a free verse, free expression, be you type of challenge. 

I thought this would also help me get a system to post on here more than I have in the last... 
6 months 


There's a prompt per day and while most of my engagement is on Instagram, I will expound more on what I wrote from the prompt on here. 


There are times where we as women allow our past experiences and brokenness to lead, as we follow behind. Because our emotions can dictate much of how we respond to people, places and things I took the approach of the eyes of the heart being wide open because often times that's how we "see" a new potential partner. But what is really important is seeing ourselves not as women bound by the definition of what we walked through or walked away from or what the crowd might be whispering about us. Instead, we must learn to see ourselves through the eyes of our hearts for our strength, our faith, our resilience before we can ever see through our natural eyes into what or how someone else can love or see us for who we really are. 

Make sure that you are following me on Instagram so that we can chat each day about what's pouring out of me through these prompts. 

Thank you all for hanging with me as I grow as a woman, wife and mother and writer. 

I love you forever! 

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