30 Layers, 30 Days. Day 3: Cravings


To keep it real I was thinking about two different topics when I wrote this: food and the women in damaging relationships/friendships. I'm not getting any younger. I was telling one of my sorority sisters a few months ago how annoyed I was with the part of aging that requires me to watch what I eat and slid into the gym to workout. I HATE working out and even though the word on the street is that "thick thighs save lives" I can't apply that theory to my life. I will never have skinny thighs; even when I was super skinny my thighs were still thick so shout out to the forever thick thigh women in the world. But I can't think that they will tone themselves, right? Ugh! So annoying LOL! 

So many of us hold on to people not because they make us feel good or happy but because they make us feel comfortable, just like food. We make emotional decisions to stay with men because we've been with them "forever" or to keep entertaining messy and destructive women because we don't want to be confrontational or go place by ourselves. We must learn to say NO to all of the above. The snack cakes, messy women and the men who don't honor us the way we should be honored: NO and goodbye because your health depends on it. 

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